Hey there! I am Maria and I love food, eating out, trying new dishes and exploring different cuisines. I am not a professional chef. I just love to cook and have been doing so since I was a little girl.

I am also one of those people that stares at the food I am eating. If food had feelings, it would feel uncomfortable. But for me, I just love to observe how the food is presented and analyze the taste of every ingredient that goes into the dish.  One of my favorite things to do is go out, eat great food and then go home and recreate the recipe. In fact, I have often dreamed of using my somewhat successful ability to recreate recipes to open up a restaurant that literally sells the best food of every restaurant I have ever dined in. I’d get sued probably, but I think it would be a hit!

For me, cooking is a fun leisurely activity, a necessity and well... a way to feed my boyfriend. Dating a half-Italian, half-mishmash man who grew up in America isn’t easy! Those are countries known for their great food. And lots of it. Part of the reason for starting this site is that if I didn’t, my boyfriend would probably make me eat out…everyday. And as much as I love eating out, it isn’t always practical or affordable to do so on a daily basis. I also love to know what goes into my food and cooking is a fun way to be more in control of what you eat.

I hope you enjoy checking out the recipes I have shared and have fun cooking with me. This blog is a place for me to jot down the recipes I've learned and developed whilst exploring my love for food, photography and well…my boyfriend. 

Maria x

Additional Foods for thought:

  • Cheese is a divine creation and must be savored.
  • I am alive because of coffee but I survive because of tea.
  • Eating sweet food isn’t all that bad, but if you are going to do it, it must be the very best sweet food you can eat and worth every calorie.


All content and images are my own work. Please link back to my site if you are reproducing it in anyway.